Seasons Biome Blend

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Grand Prix Stadium Jumper & 5 Star Eventer

Ashlynn Meuchel's Story

"He's well for the first time in a long time. The company's passion for helping horses feel like super horses from the inside out is clear and I am so glad I made the switch!"

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Ashlynn M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Seasons feed fixed my 5* horse!

After years and years of struggling with gut issues with my main competition horse, Emporium, I finally found the seasons blend. It gives him the support for his stomach and hind gut that he needs. His anorexia is gone and he finally can maintain a healthy weight and condition. The other horses I have on it have all also flourished. It is such a weight off of my mind to know that my horses' feed is actually helping promote their overall health and well being. The best product!! Ashlynn Meuchel Equestrian Ocala, FL

United States United States
I recommend this product

Biome blend

My horses love the biome blend and have been doing wonderful on it!

Lorrie D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Worth it

My horse has been having all sorts of allergies, muscle issues and having a tough time putting on weight and muscle. As a competitive dressage horse who had to have some time off for an injury and then later major surgery it was a major struggle to get any fitness built up or weight gain. He would break out in hives from anything containing molasses, bug bites, or if you looked at him the wrong way. I had switched him to organic alfalfa pellets to supplement his pasture and hay but he needed more. After the Lyme treatments and surgeries and many weeks of antibiotics he often looked tucked up and uncomfortable, he was barely eating, never finishing his hay. He was once the horse that would be fat in the blink of an eye, now he was unable to gain it. I tried the season's biome blend, introducing it very slowly for fear of hives. He loves the food, never had any issues with it and has begun to do better on it. We are now switching over to the Season's Biome Blend with some organic oats as his only additional feed to the free choice hay and seasonal green pasture. I am already seeing less "tummy ache" behaviors and a better appetite, hoping the full switch will help him finally get back to full riding demands and power us forward back to the show ring again.

Kristen K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Stable food from Stablefeed

We started feeding our 17-year-old OTTB gelding, Benny, and our 13-year-old Standardbred mare, June Bug, the Stablefeed Seasons Biome blend one year ago (March 2022), along with the Spirulina Boosted. Prior to that Benny had been suffering from hind gut acidosis and bad allergies and June had two serious sarcoids. Benny was often tender and sensitive and frequently irritable. We were also struggling to keep weight on him through the winter, even though we were feeding him copious amounts of senior feed with a fat supplement (in addition to hay). We had tried many traditional treatments for June's sarcoids (cryo, surgery, chemo), but even after numerous attempts, the sarcoids came back, just with a vengeance. We were just at wit's end with how to help them both when we met the Stablefeed team at the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg, PA, and then introduced the Seasons Biome blend and Spirulina Boosted into our horses' diets. Both horses received one pound of Season feed per day and one scoop of the Spirulina Boosted. Within two months, both horses looked like rock stars! Benny's irritability, sensitivity, and tenderness resolved. He no longer was experiencing sneezing, snorting, and runny eyes. He was holding his weight beautifully. His temperament had so improved and he was loving and affectionate. Both horses began to develop stunning dappled coats. People were commenting on how beautiful they looked and asked us what we were doing (of course we would share the Stablefeed secret lol). After about 8 months, June Bug's sarcoids were eradicated and she is now "healthy as a horse." After one year, we continue to feed both the Seasons Biome blend and the Spirulina Boosted on a daily basis. We really don't need to feed more than the one pound of Seasons Biome Blend per day, as both horses hold a healthy weight with it at their activity level. They are also both incredibly content, affectionate, comfortable and performing well. Since we've followed this Stablefeed feeding regimen, we've also reduced our costs for food and medical bills significantly. In fact, we've only needed a vet for dental floating and Coggins testing. We now share our Stablefeed experience and story with other horse owners when we learn they are facing similar challenges, so that we can see many others get to be their best and enjoy the same happy, healthy lifestyle as Benny and June.