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Mary Dahlin

Age: 75

Located: Byron, MN 

Style of Riding: Fox Hunting

About my horseTheo, 8 year old Thoroughbred x Welsh Cob, 15.1h

How long have you been riding? I started riding around 13 years old after my sister and I begged our parents for a horse. I had to take some breaks to go to college and grad school. But I couldn’t stay away from horses, which is why it took me two years to get my masters, because some classes interfered with my riding. I got my first fox hunting horse in 1983, Bunter, and finished my riding career in 2012, but I continue to enjoy taking care of my horses every day!

What has your horse taught you? Theo has taught me to just slow things down, take it easy, give them time, and don't be abrupt and demanding of him. Always be respectful and say thank you. Also to remember that it’s a two way street of respect. For example; when Theo is ready to go out to the pasture, I work on slowing myself down, waiting until he is standing there being quiet and then making sure he quietly and politely goes through the gate.

"Theo gets the Carrot Chia. Theo was kept at a boarding barn and when he came back home his feet were falling apart and he just looked okay, not great. Once back home we pulled his shoes and started him on the Carrot Chia. Now his feet look GREAT! His feet are strong and he has been without shoes for months! His topline has improved AMAZINGLY! He also had a thin wispy tail that we always thought would need a fake tail for shows, but not anymore. His tail has actually grown out to be very thick, which we didn’t think would ever happen. His coat is dark, doesn’t bleach out and I don't need to groom him! Overall, his attitude, coat, tail, and feet are GREAT!"




Sponsored Riders



Claire Cumbee Robinson 


Claire Robinson is 25 years old and resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she campaigns her horse at the FEI levels of eventing on her mare Pretty Like Me (Frey); while also maintaining her own equestrian-based lifestyle blog. She trains with Olympic Medalist and Area III YR Coach Julie Richards, and has been listed as one of "Bit of Britain's Next Top Riders" and chosen as a qualified rider for the 2018 ICP Young Horse Symposium. 

Claire found StableFeed in an exhaustive effort to find a solution to Frey's hives. After starting Frey on the Spirulina product Frey was able to come off her steroids entirely. Frey also enjoys the Papaya to help prevent any ulcers during her heavy competition season.   



Macartney Greenfield


Macartney Greenfield resides in Vancouver, Canada where she keeps her two horses, Dot Matrix (27) and Signature AB (13). An avid equestrian for almost thirty years, Macartney has successfully coached and competed in the Eventing and Hunter/Jumper worlds, and currently competes for the AB Equestrian team under trainer Amanda Barbillion. In 2017, her first season with Signature AB (aka Denali), the pair successfully took home championships at almost every competition they entered, and have consistently moved up through the levels in both disciplines ever since. 
Macartney first came across Stable Feed when looking for a nutritious treat alternative for her 27 year old mare and soulmate, Dot Matrix (aka Printer), who had recently been diagnosed with PPID.  Thrilled with the results, she quickly introduced the product to Signature AB (aka Denali) and found it to be a winning combination for both partners.




Julie Christie


After 15 years of teaching equine science, Julie now focuses her time on her business, Equine ETC (Education, Training, and Consulting). Julie is an FEI dressage competitor and shows both her 2003 Oldenburg/TB gelding, Rizo and her 2014 KWPN mare, Jackie. Rizo gets daily Spirulina Chia for his allergies, hooves, and digestive health. Jackie loves the Papaya which she gets for ulcer prevention and amino acid support. 

Julie is from Nova Scotia, Canada but now calls Rochester, MN home. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals in addition to a Master’s degree in Equine Science.