Bulk Order

Seasons Biome Blend & Sainfoin Forage Pellets

Get $280 Off Your Order of 50 Bags or $120 Off Your Order of 25 Bags!


This page is for customers wanting to place a bulk order of either our Seasons Biome Blend, Sainfoin Forage Pellets or both. This is a great way for you, or a group of people, to save money on shipping costs by buying in bulk! The order options are either 50 bags or 25 bags of either product or a combination of the two. Both products have a 6 month expiration date. 

Before you place your order, here are some FAQ’s that may answer your freight questions.

For more information on our Sainfoin Forage Pellets and Seasons Biome Blend click here.

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  • Shipping Address
  • Do you have a way to unload the pallet? Forklift or Tractor with tines?
  • What your order is


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