The Basics

Our product formulations are all driven by and based on, peer reviewed clinical studies, input from nutritionists and veterinarians, and counsel from researchers around the globe. Our top priorities are safety and efficacy; if an ingredient is not effective, is banned, or cross-reacts with medical interventions, it is not used in our products.

Every Formula
  • Provides support for skin, hair, gut, bone and hoof
  • Labeling is AAFCO and NASC compliant and approved
  • FEI/USEF Compliant 
  • Uses only certified organic ingredients

Our Chia Base


Average Analysis Value of Chia Seed 100g/3.52oz (except where noted)
Chia Base
Health Benefits

  • Weight management for BOTH hard and easy keepers. For the hard keeper chia’s high fat content provides nutritionally available calories. For the overweight easy keeper chia’s high Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) content supports proper glucose regulation. 
  • Eases joint and muscle pain. ALA promote an anti-inflammatory response through COX2 enzyme inhibition, much like the drug firocoxib (Equioxx).
  • Ulcer prevention and cure. The mucilage and quercetin content of chia seeds help support a healthy mucosal lining throughout the stomach and remainder of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Colic prevention.  While its mucilage content does not actually bind to sand, the gel from chia adds significant bulk to the hind gut. This aids in ensuring that the cecum is full -- a necessary condition because its entrance and exit are at the top! Therefore, for sand to reach the top, there needs to be enough digested material to carry it out the exit. 
  • Allergy relief - both respiratory and skin-related. ALA's are anti-inflammatory and support a proper histamine response in your horse to promote normal respiration. Skin reactions, particularly, allergic responses to bugs, may be improved by feeding a source of ALA's.
  • Metabolic conditions, including insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease. The high amount of soluble fiber in chia seeds slows the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream to support modulation of insulin spikes.
  • Healthy hooves and hair. The high-quality protein found in chia seeds supports the production of keratin, the protein found in hooves and hair. With more copper and zinc than iron, chia seeds balance these minerals with the high iron found in forages to enhance hoof and skin health. 
  • Chronic inflammation from osteoarthritis, laminitis, and metabolic syndrome. ALA modulates inflammatory responses throughout the whole body, whereas Linoleic acid (LA) increases inflammation
  • Immune response. ALA promotes a healthy immune response by stabilizing the cell membrane.


Loose ChiaBiscuit Chia

Loose or Biscuit?

If you're debating, we generally recommend the loose form over the biscuit for texture, ease of storage and feeding to picky eaters, that being said our biscuit has a pill dimple that can be quite handy! You cannot go wrong with either!


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