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  • “I’ve used StableFeed’s Papaya Products for 4 years and have not purchased a tube of Ulcer Guard ever since! It’s an essential part of my tack kit.”

    Claire Robinson

  • “My daughter’s horse has been on StableFeed’s Spirulina for 2 years due to bug allergies. Bite sites would swell so bad that we would have to take him to the vet for steroid shots. Now he has had no reaction to bug bites, doesn't need steroids, and is so much more comfortable!"

    Sandy Urbanavage

  • “When Printer was diagnosed with PPID [Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction] the veterinarians told me that I would not see her ACTH levels to fall within the normal range again. Ever. To my vet’s shock after putting Printer on StableFeed’s Prickly Pear her ACTH levels are within the normal range for the first time in four years!"

    Macartnery Greenfield

  • “For years my horse Reign has struggled with seasonal allergies that would cause her to break out into hives all over her body and loose hair. However, now that we’ve introduced StableFeed’s Spirulina product all her springtime woes have disappeared!”

    Hannah French

  • “I rescued a young horse on death's door who had terrible skin issues. His ears, chest, stomach, and legs were raw and sore all of the time. After starting StableFeed's Spirulina for the first time ever he grew hair on his chest, stomach, legs and in his ears; even better he stopped scratching all the time. Now his coat looks better than any horse I have ever owned.”

    Sherry Lyon

  • “His skin was flakey, coat was dull, and he was so itchy. Now, his coat is SO shiny. No flakes, and no itching his hair out.”

    Lucia Menozi

  • "A horse arrived at my facility with a serious case of scratches. I treated him with traditional remedies and only saw minor improvement. Within three days of beginning to feed StableFeed’s Spirulina Chia the skin at the edge of the scratches turned a healthy pink. I fed the Spirulina Chia for 8 weeks starting in late March and by June the scratches were totally clear."

    Kristi Rosenquist

  • "Bella has issues with weight and used to have a lot of fatty pads. She will have been on the Prickly Pear for a year this summer. Now her cresty neck has almost completely gone away and lost a lot of them in her hind quarters."

    Monica GAY ~ Heartsong Equestrian

  • "This is an amazing product! It has helped keep my horses healthy, their hooves are harder, the Spirulina Chia has helped with respiratory issues, and I give extra when traveling to help prevent ulcers. Highly recommend!"

    Julie Christie ~USDF Dressage rider

  • Steven Gray, Farrier

    “Horses don’t just grow hoof but they grow good hoof  to give me something strong to put a nail into. This is good stuff!”



    “StableFeed’s close attention to what goes in their products is one reason I began recommending them to my clients.”

  • Top Flight Veterinary Services

    Dr. Allison Janz, DVM

    "I recommend Stable Feed's Chia supplements to almost all of my clients. I love this product for my patients. The horses love it and I see great results with it!"