Freight FAQ's

Q: How many bags come on a pallet?

A: 20 and 40 bags per pallet; When ordering bulk you can mix and match the Seasons Biome Blend and the Sainfoin Forage Pellets. 

Q: Should I allow a lead time?

A: Yes; We recommend allowing a 1 week lead time between when you place your order to when it will leave our warehouse. Shipping time frame depends on the shipper but we will inform you as to what time frame that will be. 

Q: How do I unload the pallet from the freight truck?

A: You will save money if you have either a forklift or farm equipment that has tines to unload a pallet. If you do not have one of those things we can arrange for a lift gate service.

Q: Do you up charge your freight costs?

A: NO! We make no money on shipping. Our shipping department has worked very hard to establish relationships with trusted shipping carriers to get the best rates for our clients. The rate they charge us is the direct rate we provide our clients.

Q: Can I add chia to my pallet?

A: Yes; Our shipping department will work with you to get the most optimal shipping configuration.