Sainfoin Pellet

  • $35.00

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100% Sainfoin Forage Pellet

Available in 40 pound bags. 

There are no additives, preservatives or binding agents. 

Health Benefits:

  • Highly Palatable
  • Non-gas producing to support horses prone to gas colic
  • Bypass protein for improved protein utilization
  • Natural wormer - high in condensed tannins to naturally inhibit parasite load
  • High in Omega-3's for natural anti-inflammatory support
  • Longer chewing time to support salivation, production of digestive enzymes and increased water consumption.

Feeding Instructions: 

When feeding a pelleted feed, add water, a rock, or feed spread out to avoid choke. Feed by weight and not by volume. 1-2% of a horse's weight should be fed daily in hay forage.