Your Horse's Microbiome

Why is hind gut health so important?

The holding vat or cecum of the horse's hind gut (or microbiome) is responsible for digestion of fibrous food items. The trillions of bacteria, fungi, archaea and protozoa, living in the gastrointestinal tract of the horse also play major roles in managing systemic health. 

Veterinary research has reported that an imbalance in the bacteria in the microbiome may lead to chronic systemic illness, lowered immune function and more.

How can I detect an imbalance in my horse's hind gut? 

The microbiome of the horse needs a diverse population of microbial organisms to function properly. StableFeed's Microbiome Test Kit reveals imbalances in the hind gut and provides you with the information you need to restore homeostasis. 

Below are graphs showing the difference between an unbalanced microbiome, with a lack of diversity, and a microbiome one year after our microbiome protocol and Seasons Biome Blend. While maintaining our protocol, the diversity of the microbiome continued to grow. 



How Do I Start?