Sainfoin Forage Pellet

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Grand Prix Stadium Jumper & 5 Star Eventer

Ashlynn Meuchel's Story

"He's well for the first time in a long time. The company's passion for helping horses feel like super horses from the inside out is clear and I am so glad I made the switch!"

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Lori J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great for the Senior Horse

I recently put my 25-year-old warmblood on the sainfoin pellets after being on Timothy pellets for the last decade. He suffers from DSLD and Cushings, and was picking at his bucket of supplements because he no longer was interested in the Timothy. I could tell the difference in the quality of the sainfoin pellet after opening the bag for the first time. The sainfoin smells fresh and there is very little dust compared to other bagged pellets. After making the switch, his body condition improved dramatically after 3 months and I couldn't be happier. He loves them wet and mushy, and happily eats his entire bucket. He regained the spring in his step and is a very happy boy.

Victoria F.
I recommend this product


This stuff is a cornerstone in my forage based feeding regime! My horse devours it and I love all of the amazing health benefits that it touts! I tell every and anyone I can about it! We recently had an aging horse at the barn pass away, and in his final days, these pellets were the only thing he would eat! Truly an awesome product - please do not ever stop making this!

United States United States

Amazing product

I have both my mares on sanfoin pellets. They are easy keepers so don’t need much but have kept amazing toplines since I switched. Everyone, my vet included, is impressed with how great they look. I also do my own fecals and have noticed their egg counts have markedly decreased and stayed low since we made the switch. At this point, I cannot imagine feeding anything else.

Ashlynn M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fantastic forage product

I love the sainfoin forage product and I have had great results with every horse I have put it on. Whether I want to put on weight quickly, or help a horse maintain a healthy weight, sainfoin is my go to. It has helped my competition horses maintain a healthy weight, as well as providing them with the gut support they need. I absolutely recommend it! Ashlynn Meuchel Equestrian Ocala, FL

Hilary M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Sainfoin Forage Pellets - Great for my OTTBs!

I started using Stablefeed’s Sainfoin forage pellet one year ago (March 2022) on an OTTB named Burntwood. He was showing discomfort with hind gut ulcers, had seemed to plateau in gaining weight and had a dull coat that was not shedding out. Within 3 months of adding the sainfoin to his feed, his coat had shed out and had a nice shine to it. He was also gaining weight. When I added the Papaya chia to his diet, his outward discomfort to grooming and riding had completely disappeared. I also noticed a significant difference in his coat over the summer months. He has very thin skin and gets eaten up by flies. He develops sores from biting and scratching them. His skin was less irritated and he had less skin breakouts last summer than the previous one. I have another OTTB named Belly Dancer that after 18 months post track had stopped gaining weight. He was picky about his food and so it was a struggle to add anything to his feed to try to increase his food intake/weight. After trying everything, I put him on the Sainfoin pellets and honestly thought he was going to turn his nose up at it like he did everything else. But he LOVED it and licked his feed tub clean at every feeding - he had never done that before. He started finishing his hay (something that he would never do) and when given more hay, he’d eat it all! He started gaining weight and by 3 months of adding the sainfoin pellets, his ribs were not visible anymore. He started to fill in over his back, under his withers and in his hind end. His mood increased and he was more focused under saddle. After seeing such amazing results with these two horses, I started all of my horses on the Sainfoin pellets. I highly recommend this forage pellet - there is nothing like it on the market! My horses absolutely LOVE it! Hilary Murphy Murphy Sport Horses Pittstown, NJ