Carrot Chia Formula

Carrot Chia Formula

Active Ingredients: Chia, Carrot, Wheat Grass

* The loose format also contains bee pollen to feed bifida bacteria in the hindgut

Active Properties:  2,100 iU of natural beta-carotene (which horses convert to Vitamin A),

Additional Nutrient Components:

Wheat Grass is high in Vitamins A, C and E, and provides iron, calcium and magnesium.  It also has 17 amino acids, including 8 of which are essential, meaning the body cannot produce them so they must be fed.  Carrots provide Vitamin A as well as Vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus. 

  • Supports visual health
  • Supports bone and muscle growth in young horses
  • Supports reproductive health
  • Supports the metabolizing of keratin for hoof and coat
  • Supports a healthy immune response to infection
  • Horse with limited grazing
  • Horses with poor hoof quality
  • Mares in foal or nursing 
  • Horses with limited access to fresh and green grasses are increasingly suffering from Vitamin A deficiencies. Vitamin A is important for immune function and reproductive, neurologic, ocular, and skin health.  Many feed companies add synthetic vitamin A to their products because natural A deteriorates rapidly; however, synthetic vitamins are poorly metabolized and absorbed by horses.

"When my daughter’s 9 year old Warmblood mare, Maybelline, started tripping we tested her for every illness under the sun. After an expensive year of tests and treatments for “unknown causes,” Mary suggested we test her blood for vitamin deficiencies because it can present as chronic lameness. Maybelline’s blood work showed her to be low in Vitamin E and “critically deficient” in Vitamin A. Mary put us in touch with Dr. Juliet Getty so we could safely make the dietary changes Maybelline needed. 

Dr. Getty added StableFeed’s Carrot chia to Maybelline’s diet and asked Mary to add mycellized Vitamin A to guarantee that Maybelline was getting 15,000 IU of vitamin A each day. Maybelline gradually stopped tripping. At 6 months we tested her blood again and both her Vitamin E and A levels were in the normal range.

Two years later we continue to feed the Carrot Chia to Maybelline and added the Spirulina product to the diet of Marie’s other competition horse, Daily. I can’t say enough good things about these products and won’t dare stop feeding them to our horses!”




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