Seasons Feed (Spring/Summer)

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Available in 40 pound bags. 

There are no additives, preservatives or binding agents. 

Please contact us here to purchase as shipping varies from region to region. 

Feeding Instructions: 

Feed 0.5 pound - 0.75 pounds per 250 pounds of bodyweight for maintenance of mature horses. 

We recommend adding water when you feed this to avoid choke. Feed with clean, good quality hay at the rate of 1-2 pounds per 100 pounds of bodyweight per day or pasture equivalent. Provide fresh and clean water at all times. 


Pellet: sainfoin roughage, extruded heated organic soybean meal, organic chia seeds, organic wheat grass powder, organic carrot meal, Vitamin E supplement, brewer's dried yeast, zinc amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex

Blended Organic Herb Mix: alfalfa leaves, oats, black oil sunflower seeds, meadowsweet, calendula, dandelion leaves, cleavers, rose hips, red clover, thyme, oregano, nettle leaf, peas, carrot chips, rose petals 


Crude Protein (min): not less than 18%

Crude Fat (min): not less than 3.5%

Crude Fiber (max): not more than 29%

ADF (max): 30%

NDF (max): 40%

Calcium (min): 0.8%

Calcium (max): 1.4%

Phosphorus (min): 0.3%

Copper Amino Acid Complex (min): 200ppm

Zinc Amino Acid Complex (min): 400ppm

Selenium (min): 0.40 mg

Lysine (min): 0.95%

Methionine (min): 0.35%

Vitamin E (min): 250 iu per pound

Vitamin A (min): 3,000 iu per pound

ESC: 4.6%

Starch: 3.8%