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Alyssa - November '21 

Age: 12 

Located: Virginia

Style of Riding: English (3-Day Eventing)

About my horse: Dixie, 12 year old Quarter Horse

How long have you been riding? Since I was 5 years old!

What has your horse taught you? Definitely responsibility and patience especially with Dixie's ongoing medical issues.

Raphaelle Brassard

Raphaelle Brassard - August '21 

Age: 22 

Located: Lac-Brome, Bromont, Canada

Style of Riding: Show Jumping 

About my horse: Obiwan aka Lovely Boy, 10 year old Belgian Warmblood

How long have you been riding? 16 years

What has your horse taught you? Horses have taught me what hard work looks like and to always persevere through difficult moments. Good things come to those who work hard. 

Madlen Lesesne

Madlen Lesesne - July '21 

Age: 24 

Located: Ashland, VA

Style of riding: 3 Day Eventing

About my horse: Ginny aka Itzhappyhour, 8 year old Thoroughbred

How long have you been riding? 20 years

What has your horse taught you? I think that one of the most important things I have learned from the horses is perseverance. In my experience, if you keep working hard, both in the saddle and in the barn, you can achieve almost anything.


Edie - June '21 

Age: 2

Located: Marshall, VA

About my horse: Oreo is a rescue from Middleburg Humane Society

When did you start riding? When I was little

When did you know horses were going to be in your life forever?  Probably the first time I rode without crying. 


Ellee New - April '21 

Age: 24

Located: San Angelo, TX

Style of riding: 3 Day Eventing

About my horse: Krusty aka Uppercrust D

How long have you been riding? 20 years

What has your horse taught you? Horses have taught me overall patience, courage, and trust more than anything. They do so much for us. For example, my horse Bluffing used to be hard to load into the trailer. It was easy to get frustrated about it, but then my friend once said something that really resonated with me. She said “It's crazy that they will get in a metal box for us”. Which is so true!

Megan Keller

Megan Keller - March '21

Age: 37

Located: Esko, MN

Style of riding: Western Barrel Racer

About my horse: Herb Woodley, Quarter Horse, 7 years old

How long have you been riding? Nearly 30 years

What has your horse taught you? I have learned many things over the years and each year there is something new to add.  There are three things I focus on, patience, persistence and forgiveness.  As a rider, a competitor and a true lover for these animals, a person needs to become humble and understanding.  You also need to really learn how to trust yourself - it's great having others to help guide you through things, but in the end - if it doesn’t feel right for you and your horse, then it probably isn’t.  Everyone has an opinion and something to say.


Mary Dahlin

 Mary Dahlin - December '20

Age: 75

Located: Byron, MN 

Style of Riding: Fox Hunting

About my horseTheo, 8 year old Thoroughbred x Welsh Cob, 15.1h

How long have you been riding? I started riding around 13 years old after my sister and I begged our parents for a horse. I had to take some breaks to go to college and grad school. But I couldn’t stay away from horses, which is why it took me two years to get my masters, because some classes interfered with my riding. I got my first fox hunting horse in 1983, Bunter, and finished my riding career in 2012, but I continue to enjoy taking care of my horses every day!

What has your horse taught you? Theo has taught me to just slow things down, take it easy, give them time, and don't be abrupt and demanding of him. Always be respectful and say thank you. Also to remember that it’s a two way street of respect. For example; when Theo is ready to go out to the pasture, I work on slowing myself down, waiting until he is standing there being quiet and then making sure he quietly and politely goes through the gate.

"Theo gets the Carrot Chia. Theo was kept at a boarding barn and when he came back home his feet were falling apart and he just looked okay, not great. Once back home we pulled his shoes and started him on the Carrot Chia. Now his feet look GREAT! His feet are strong and he has been without shoes for months! His topline has improved AMAZINGLY! He also had a thin wispy tail that we always thought would need a fake tail for shows, but not anymore. His tail has actually grown out to be very thick, which we didn’t think would ever happen. His coat is dark, doesn’t bleach out and I don't need to groom him! Overall, his attitude, coat, tail, and feet are GREAT!"


Sherry Lyon

Sherry Lyon - November '20

Age: 56

Located: Florida  

Style of Riding: Western and mostly trail riding

About my horseCutty ( aka Mr. Scotch), 5 year old Quarter Horse/Paint

How long have you been riding? I have been riding since I was about 7 years old. My parents bought me my first horse and I showed Tennessee Walkers growing up.

What has your horse taught you? It’s so funny, but I told my husband 24 hours after meeting. Cutty that this horse is going to teach me things and boy was I right. He has taught me to forgive and live in the moment and never take one second for granted. He has also taught me things about horses that I truly never knew like professional saddle fitters, chiropractors, body workers and so many more things.

“Cutty’s skin was terrible. He had no hair in his ears from the time I got him. He is allergic to all of the over the counter products and since being on StableFeed’s Spirulina his skin issues have completely gone away. He has hair in his ears for the first time ever and he is very happy. Now that his skin is in such good condition, it has allowed me to ride him and not worry that if he sweats, he will break out. This product has been a game changer for Cutty which makes me very happy. I have recommended the product to many people and will continue to do so.”

Regan Norton

Regan Norton - September '20

Age: 16

Located: Annapolis, Maryland

Style of riding: English (Hunter/Jumper/Eq)

About my horse: Odlum (Oddball, Oddie) is a 10 year old thoroughbred who is about 16.2 hands tall. 

How long have you been riding? 8 years

What has your horse taught you? To appreciate what I have and be happy with the small accomplishments

"My trainer knew a few people using StableFeed products, and we wanted to try it with Oddie! Since he is a chestnut, he has very sensitive skin and previously had a bad fungal infection, so we were looking for a product that could address those issues. What I love most about StableFeed is the natural ingredients in all of their products, and the amazing people who work for this company!"

Ivan Thompson

Ivan Thompson - August '20

Age: 14

Located: Kenyon, Minnesota.  My family owns a dairy farm. 

About my horse: Cougar is a 12 year old quarter horse who is about 15 hands tall.

How long have you been riding? I've been riding for 9 years and participated in my first show when I was 5.

What has your horse taught you? My horse has taught me to expect the unexpected. I thought shaking was the worst thing a horse would do, but Cougar surprised me by trying to roll in the water (with me on him) when I wasn’t paying close attention.

"We buy StableFeed for its nutritional value.  Cougar’s all time favorite is definitely the Prickly Pear."

Destiny Carson

Destiny Carson - July '20

Age: 26

Located: Carmel Valley, California 

Style of riding: English and Western 

How long have you been riding? Hunter/Jumper 4 years. Rein Cow Horse/Versatility 1.5 years

What has your horse taught you? He has taught me a lot of confidence riding bareback.

"Since Shawnee has PSSM2, we need to watch his sugar and starch intake. I use StableFeed’s biscuits because they are the most nutritious, low sugar “treats” I can find that my horse enjoys. I use the Papaya product for my new lease horse Vienna. I want to protect her digestive tract from stress during competition season, and she prefers the Papaya chia over acid inhibiting paste!"

Ivie Cullen-Dean

Ivie Cullen-Dean - June '20

Age: 19

Located: Newnan, GA 

Style of riding: Three Day Eventing 

About my horse: Pongo (Fernhill Full Throttle) is an 11 year old ISH X Holsteiner who is about 15.3 hands tall. 

How long have you been riding? 7 years

What has your horse taught you? Pongo has taught me so much in my riding and just being on the ground together. He has taken me all across the country now, and I am just grateful everyday to learn more with him.

"My horse so far has loved every flavor I have given him! I love the designs and the fun colors that come along with these biscuits. I looked for something that could do everything: gut, coat, skin, and hoof health. These biscuits have helped my horse look and feel so much better. I would 100% recommend."

Carly Batts

Carly Batts - May '20

Age: 25

Located: Stuart, FL  

Style of riding: Winglish (Western & English combined)

About my horse: Bear (aka Bars Poco Dude) is an AQHA. 

How long have you been riding? 18 years

What has your horse taught you? Bear taught me patience, but more importantly, he taught me to trust. Trust that just one more attempt at getting past something scary or demonstrating a hard to do maneuver could be worth it. Since then, Bear and I have trusted each other enough to try just about anything as long as it looked fun. We’ve ridden Hunters & Jumpers; sorted cows; had professional reining lessons; competed in Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Fox-Hunting, and Mounted Shooting; and ridden as far west as Wyoming and as city as the Starbucks drive-thru. Never once have I worried about our safety because of those initial years building trust. In fact, I now think he’s ruined me for riding 75% of the other horses in this world because they’re not him. I love Bear, simply because it’s him.

"Bear was diagnosed with a degenerative hoof disease called osteopediolitis.  No solutions were offered, so I spent HOURS crying for him and for us.  I spent two years trying everything I could to help him, but nothing worked.  Then I bumped into StableFeed.  Founder, Mary Hartman, provided Bear’s body with the digestible nutrition he needed to support hoof wall stability and sole thickness.  Bear is now able to comfortably go without shoes for the first time in three years! It does my heart good to see him thriving and pain free."

Grace Pollock

Grace Pollock - April '20

Age: 18

Located: Rochester, MN

Style of riding: Dressage and jumping, hopefully eventing one day

About my horse: Joey and Liam, both OTTBs. 

How long have you been riding? 10 years

What do you love most about your horse? Joey loves to work and is the most athletic horse I’ve ever ridden. He comes over to me everyday in turnout, and although he can be testy, there’s never a day he doesn’t want to go. I don’t have to worry about tiring him out or his heart not being in it, because he genuinely loves his job. 
Liam is the sweetest horse I’ve ever met. He’s such a goofball, and whenever I feed him a treat he insists on licking my hand as long as I let him, or else he’ll lick his stall, gate, wall, or whatever he can find.
"The simplest reason why I use StableFeed biscuits is that they are effective and my horses actually enjoy eating them. I mostly feed my guys Sea Biscuit as they both have dry, sensitive coats, but now they have the softest, shiniest coats in the barn. Also, I don’t have to worry about sneaking them into their food like other supplements; I feed them after a ride or when I put them out, and my horses are excited to eat them."
Photo by Elle Pollock
Charlotte Kasparek

Charlotte Kasparek - March '20

Age: 72

Located: Williamsburg, VA

Style of riding: Classical Dressage and now learning Western (Californio Vaquero style)

About my horses: Comanche (13 yr, leopard Appaloosa 15h) and Bella Diamante (10 yr, dark bay Swedish Warmblood mare)

How long have you been riding? 62 yrs

What do you love most about your horse? Each horse brings something different. With Comanche, I cherish his inner peace. With Bella, I cherish her willingness to give me her trust, athleticism and opinions.
"Fresh, healthy and the horses love them. I love giving them knowing it's not just another sweet treat, but a tasty biscuit with a lot of healthy ingredients and benefits."
Sadiyah Williams

Sadiyah Williams - February '20

Age: 17 Years old

Located: Atlanta, GA

Style of riding: Show jumping and Dressage

About my horse: Patoot is a 15 year old, 16.2 hand, TB. (Not to mention my horse, Lola, who is recently retired)

How long have you been riding? 6 years

What do you love most about your horse?  Patoot is my good boy!  He always keeps me safe and does his absolute best even when I ask him to do new things.  He loves me and I love him! He was trained to race but never did.  When we went to go look at him, I remember being surprised that the people who owned him for the last 10 years were 76 and 78 years old, and he was gentle enough to let them trim his feet.  We’ve already competed in some dressage shows and have done pretty well considering he was never shown, and he is quite the showoff in the arena…he prances
"Patoot is extremely picky; he doesn’t like peppermint or twizzlers, but he LOVES the StableFeed Chia products, especially the carrot!"