Nutrition Information

Active Ingredients:
Chia, papaya, aloe vera and alkalizing greens

* The loose format also contains bee pollen: to feed bifida bacteria in the hind gut

Active Properties: Papain, Pectin, Fiber

Additional Nutrient Components:

Papaya contains carotenoids, particularly lycopene.  The alkalizing greens are a concentrated form of alkaline superfoods that contain phytonutrients, chlorophyll, proteins, saponins, live enzymes, superoxide dismutase, ALA's, Vitamin's C, K, a plant source of B12, and copper, potassium and manganese.  The inclusion of Alfalfa Grass Powder brings 300 nutrients and phytonutrients into the formula making this a truly exceptional food for horses.

Health Benefits
  • The high pectin plus the action of the papain aide in the digestion of protein
  • Papain breaks down proteins and stimulates salivation to aide digestion and help decrease instances of choke
  • Papaya contains large amounts of naturally occurring pectin, which may  soothe the lining of the equine stomach
  • Organic alkalizing greens support a normal pH in the stomach
  • Aloe Vera provides added fiber for enhanced gut sweeping action



    heavy work or show schedules
    poor digestion
    other gastric issues.
    Horses who commonly experience stress





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