The Team

Mary Hartman


Bodhi Hartman is a Supervisor, Greeter and Quality Control Officer in the StableFeed offices.  Bodhi began his education with puppy obedience, continued on with Agility I and II and intensive obstacle training, and obtained his Canine Good Citizen Certification when he was 2.  Bodhi did some informal Therapy Dog work for a short time but he has strong (loud) opinions about things, which he shares at the most inopportune times so he cannot receive his formal Therapy Dog certification. Bodhi has been with the company from the start and gets very excited when it's time to head out the door for the shop.  Bodhi eats the Spirulina biscuits daily to help keep skin allergies at bay.  He has enjoys one or two Carrot biscuits if they just happen to fall on the floor when he happens to be making a very cute face.


Olivia Sobczak

Olivia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science; emphasis in Equine. Having horses all her life inspired her journey down this path, but it was her desire to improve their lives through proper nutrition that brought her to StableFeed. Olivia believes in this company SO much that she followed us (aka stalked) through her last two years of college and has been with us ever since. “I wanted to work for a company that does things “right”; a company I can believe in! WHO DOESN'T!"

She currently resides in Rochester, MN with her two rescued fur children. Her sassy cat Bernadette (from the Big Bang Theory) and reservation pup Dunder (from The Office).  

Grace Pollock

Hi, Grace here! :) I'm 18 years old and I have two OTTBs, Joey and Liam. Currently, I'm riding dressage, but hoping to do more jumping soon. I've been working at StableFeed for almost two years now. I met Mary at the barn where we both board, and began running the StableFeed Instagram account and taking product photography. From there I began managing the website and learning more about designing ads. I have absolutely loved working here! I have learned so much about horse nutrition and I never tire of Mary's unending commitment to this company and her ponies. 


Photo by Elle Pollock

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Debbie Angelotti