Our Mission


 We want to change the way you think about feeding your horse and revolutionize the feed options available to you.

At StableFeed we understand that bodies are integrated groupings of cells, organ systems, and microbial communities, all of which have unique nutritional needs. They interact with one another in a complex communication network that includes the central nervous system, neurotransmitters, the cerebral cortex, the limbic system, the brain, and more.  Every process must have its nutritional requirements met in order to function properly, which means we must learn how to feed for a variety of functions. We need to feed for health and not just for growth.

StableFeed stands for purposeful and impactful equine foods created with pure, simple ingredients.  Our products are formulated with studied combinations of organic and minimally processed super-foods that work synergistically to support the body's vast communication networks for functional and foundational equine health.