Holy Hay


Sainfoin, otherwise known as “holy hay”, is a plant long recognized for its extraordinary palatability and health benefits. This forage was primarily grown for horses prior to the industrialization of agriculture, but was all but abandoned with the invention of tractors and the promise of fertilizers and weed control chemicals that would make large scale farming possible. Sainfoin is now experiencing a rebirth as scientists all over the world recognize its unique ability to resist drought, draw nutrients from deep in the earth to nourish grazing animals, fix nitrogen, sequester phosphates, and support pollinators; all necessary if we are to make headway in our quest to address climate change. 
Small quarters of land in the western United States are a riotous blur of pink when the sainfoin crop comes into bloom in June. In the stillness of a hot Montana afternoon you can hear the steady drone of bees and see the pervasive movement of butterflies flitting from plant to plant. Tourists will stop to get permission to take photos in the vibrant, pink landscape, which is said to rival the tulip fields of Amsterdam for their breathtaking beauty. Horses, cattle, sheep, goats and wildlife all exhibit a strong preference for sainfoin over other forages and will walk through a blooming field of alfalfa to feast on the blooms, stems and leaves of this  extraordinary plant.

Unique Health Attributes

  • Non-gas producing to support horses prone to gas colic
  • Bypass protein for improved protein utilization
  • High in condensed tannins to naturally inhibit parasites
  • High in Omega-3’s for natural anti-inflammatory support
  • Longer chewing time to support salivation, production of digestive enzymes and increased water consumption

Sainfoin v Seasons Feed

The Sainfoin Pellet is 100% Sainfoin and the Seasons Feed is 65% Sainfoin with other highly nutritious foods incorporated to hit specific nutritional targets. 


Our Process
We minimally process this product and do not use preservatives or binding agents. 
Our Guarantee
100% money back guarantee. If you or your horse are not satisfied with this product, return the unused portion and we will refund the purchase price.