Sarcoid Update!

Sarcoid Update!

It’s been a few minutes since I updated our readers on any of the horse’s whose owners have used our Boosted Spirulina Chia to address sarcoids. I am not a veterinarian so I cannot state which type of sarcoid each of the following horses had unless a veterinarian performs a biopsy and sends me the results. I can; however, say that all of these tumors were diagnosed as sarcoids by licensed veterinarians with whom the owners consulted. The owners had either tried other treatment options, or they did not want to try more conventional treatments like surgery, cryotherapy, laser removal or cancer-creams to treat the tumors.


Jameson, the lovely warmblood gelding I initially featured, has continued on the Boosted Spirulina Chia. We thought he was completely clear but flaking skin that resembled resolving sarcoidosis continued to appear up the inside of his left hind thigh. There was also continued sloughing at the site of the initial tumor so we continued to feed him the Boosted Spirulina Chia to make sure we were getting at any infected cells that were further up his leg. 

We typically do not have scarring at the site of a resolved sarcoid, but horses lean against fences, etc. and Jameson had scars from his previous surgeries, so it was impossible to protect his chest. As a result, he developed a flap of scar tissue over the sarcoid site. He recently underwent a simple procedure to have that flap removed. The attending veterinarian said the tissue underneath looked healthy…no sign of sarcoidosis. Three weeks post op he has hair growing back into an area that has been without for a number of years.

Babe had a sarcoid tumor on his face that was a flap with a bald patch adjacent to the tumor site . We initially believed the bald spot was a rub caused by his halter but we began to see changes in the appearance of the area as Babe continued on the Boosted Spirulina chia. It became clear that the rub was part of the sarcoid, which was much larger than we originally thought. His owner stayed the course with the Boosted Spirulina Chia and sent us weekly images so we could gauge the progress. The entire sarcoid on Babe’s face was gone in just over a year. Hair is now starting to cover his beautiful face.


"Izzy was diagnosed with a sarcoid on her left cheek in 2019. Per the veterinarian’s instructions we were not treating it but just watching for growth. Because of the success with my previous mare, I put Izzy on the Spirulina Chia as a prophylactic measure to support her immune system. She started on the supplement in the spring of 2020. That was the only change to her diet. Within a few short months of using it, I noticed the sarcoid was shrinking – an unexpected benefit of the Spirulina Chia! Today, it is completely gone!" ~ Mary Elllen, Izzy's Owner


5* Eventer Elisa Wallace used our Boosted Spirulina Chia product to clear a persistent summer sore on her Mustang, Hwin. The product is such a great all-around supplement so she decided to put her main event horse, “Lee” on it. Elisa wasn’t trying to clear the sarcoid on Lee’s chest but after just a few months on the product she was grooming and realized that the sarcoid was, in fact, gone.

Elisa has now purchased a new horse from England that also has a sarcoid. Without hesitation Elisa knew she would put the mare on StableFeed Boosted Spirulina Chia as soon as she landed in the US, confident that the product will resolve the sarcoid and prevent it from becoming a problem.


~ From the desk of Mary Hartman, CEO and Founder

*This is a personal blog. Any information herein is not to be construed as medical advice.

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